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Chuchunaa Island Spoilers by angieness Chuchunaa Island Spoilers by angieness
I initially wasn't going to post this, but the ending to Winter Part 3 as well as the cover to the prologue make it fairly clear that Cora was going to be making her appearance.

One thing I always hated in cartoons was that when two characters had children, they were always a carbon copy of their parents with like a baseball cap or a bow or some bs. (of course better cartoons usually are the exception) In Cora and Hajii's case, Angie had been designed first so there was the challenge of making two characters that don't just look like older Angie and dude Angie. Unsurprisingly, she takes after her dad more, but I wanted her to share some similarities to Cora as well.

Anyway, throughout this comic I occasionally have some similar shots back to back as a way to sort of show how different/similar the two are. (other than the obvious height) It's also nice to show how another side to Cora, as up until now she's primarily been shown as a cold badass.

Why is Angie pissed at Cora?!

Why is Cora there?!

How the fuck did Angie end up so tiny?! (well okay, we don't find that out)

Find out in the next chapter!
lyingoutloud Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why is Angie pissed at Cora?!
"You fuckin' left me! Where the hell were you my whole life!? It's all your fault I'm in half of this shit!"

Why is Cora there?!
"I wanted to see you... Explain to you! I never wanted to us to get separated, but when I learned where you were I was scared to come find you... I didn't want them to hurt you anymore than they already have..."

How the fuck did Angie end up so tiny?! (well okay, we don't find that out)
Poor diet. Fuck veggies.
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angieness Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
well yeah haha people probably got a good idea of how this was going to play out in the Dreams chapter
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