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While I will not be at C2E2, many books I have worked on will be! If you have the money and the opportunity to check it out, swing by the Studio4Hire booth and pick up the books!

You can find images of the books throughout

I worked on the following titles that will be there

Warzone Issue 1, lines by :iconcomicmunky: colors by me
Chapel Issue 1, lines by :iconcomicmunky: cover colors by me
Emerald Quest Issue 1, lines by :iconcomicmunky: colors by me
Hot Shot Issue 5, lines by :icon5000watts: colors by me

there will also be 2 other books there

Sneak Peaks-featuring various artists, I believe my work will also be in there
'Til Death Preview Issue, lines by :iconstplmstr: colors by :iconfelle2thou: (I did not work on this book but pick it up anyways because they are cool dudes)

I don't know the prices offhand but they should be affordable to anyone since they are all around 20-30 pages. If you can't make it to the con, these will all be available online soon for purchase.
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Submitted on
March 15, 2011