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After getting asked about it a ton on both fronts here's the official word on both of the above.

Yes the Mini Comics will be printed. Yes you can submit guest art for it.

Due to popular demand, I will be compiling the mini comics in print form when it's complete. The game plan is 5-7 chapters.  I can't give an ETA at the moment.

How large will the run be?
I'm planning on starting at 25, I may do pre-orders to better gauge the demand. I'm mostly doing this since a lot of people asked but I don't really see it needing a huge print run.

Will there be copyright concerns with EnterVOID?
The only page with an EnterVOID character on it that I don't own is the maze which will be altered to not have them. The cover will be altered but I am leaving the introduction page alone since it provides the URL to the site and Void can always use more traffic. I will most likely be altering the map page as well.

I want to do guest art for it! Can I?
Well, I wasn't planning on it but sure, if you want to go for it. The requirements are as follows

It must be black and white, 300 DPI and 6.25X9.75. Make sure to credit yourself with your name and/or email address/site URL on the image. If the size isn't exact, that's fine, just be aware Kablam might crop a little out.

Obviously guest art needs to be related to the comic, feel free to do the mini versions of the characters or the full sized versions. Keep it rated PG.  Please email it to with the subject "Mini Comic Guest Art". All submissions will be in the back of the book.

What's the final page count?
No idea, I'm hoping to keep it below 52 pages since it'll be cheaper.

How much will it cost?
Again, no idea. Will depend on how much printing sets me back. If I can keep it to 52 pages or less I can't imagine it will cost much. Ideally the cost won't exceed 2.99-4.99 but that's dependent on the final page count. (not including shipping and handling obviously)

Why should I buy it when it's all online?
Depending on what the final page count is looking like, if I have space I will do a print only bonus chapter.
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jennlantrip Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011
Cool :) I'd like to get in on that, I'll see if I can't do a little something!
ComicMunky Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011  Professional General Artist
purchasing! and contributing!!!
angieness Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
awesome :D
blackfrost08 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sounds cool! I'll buy that.
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March 18, 2011