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Work's been killing me so it's been a little while since I've drawn anything ughhhh but right now I'm bored so here's random shit. You probably won't know all the characters I go with since some of them are oldies I need to revisit someday

Stolen from :iconstardrunk:

Write out the names of your characters and explain
1) how you thought of their name
2) what made you create the character in the first place
3) how the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4) any random fun fact about that character

1.Angela Rudell-She was named after Angela Chase from the show My So Called Life. The last name wasn't really special, I just randomly chose it from a baby names website.
2.She was made for a silly Sonic fan comic thing I used to draw like in 5th grade I believe.
3.She was originally my little me character for years until I realized it was pretty lame in high school and did what I could to distance her from myself. Really the only similarities we have to one another these days are hair color and the way we talk because I'm a lazy writer and it's just easy to write dialogue how I would say it. She was actually a cheetah when I first made her and had the ability to turn into random monsters and had some kind of weird ass energy hand. Obviously that's changed. Angie used to be pretty damned emo too, so I gave her a much more positive attitude and outlook on life because whiney emo characters are boring as hell.
4.Well I probably just knocked out most the fun facts but her powers were inspired by Peter the Puppy from Earthworm Jim and the blood/sword stuff was inspired by WoW, Utena, and Dragon Half. I found out just recently blood as a weapon is apparently the new hip thing in anime and cartoons so hurrah for being first or something.

1.Kurtis Spalding-I think the name Kurtis I stole from Mortal Kombat 3 or something. Spalding I stole from Gen13. I was in um...6th grade? When I gave him his less retarded name. His original name was Bud because I thought it was cool when I was in 3rd grade.
2.Like Angie, he was also for my little silly Sonic fan comics because I was way badass when I was a kid or something.
3.It's been a bit since I've drawn him but pretty much everything about him has changed since I made him. Since he was created to be what I thought was cool in 3rd grade, yeah. He's still a pretty generic fox character but I tried to make him a little more interesting by making him dark red with grey hair.
4.He's actually shown up in the backgrounds of Void battles a few times and he shows up again in the battle I'm about to do. He was gonna marry Angie at some point in an old comic series I did, but yeah, after one very key change to Angie that will obviously not happen haha

1.Leon Edwards-I think I made him in 1st grade or something? haha I vaguely remember when the hell I made him but his name was originally Neon which I thought was BADASS AS FUCK when I was a kid, obviously I changed it to make it not retarded. The last name was pulled out of my ass.
2.I made him as a little Sonic fan character. Geez, there's a theme with all my old characters isn't there? I grew up with the Sonic comic so sue me haha
3.He was originally a bright orange otter with bright blue boots, he's now a black ferret thing.
4.His name is brought up in a comic I'm working on but he doesn't actually show up. He hasn't made any recent appearances in anything I've drawn really. I never found him to be that interesting of a character so I never drew him that much.

1.Julia Bordeau-I think her name came from suggestions in a Pchat or something because I didn't know what to name her. Her last name I just wanted something fancy sounding.
2.She was made to play a certain role in Angie's story on Void.
3.She hasn't been around too long but a lot of things have changed about her personality from what I'd originally wanted to do with her.
4.Her hairstyle was from WoW, I liked a hairstyle the female bloodelves had so I ganked it. That's about it haha When I first made her I had a poll up for people to vote on what hairstyle they liked and that was the winner.

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EiceBleu Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
At least you started early compared to me. I didn't even know comics still existed till I read Ted Naifeh's 'Gloomcookie' when I was seventeen (1999). It wasn't till my third or fourth semester of college that I even *thought* of drawing comics--and my first idea was a *hentai* that evolved into an epic sword and sorcery fantasy. The 'Heros' pages I have in my gallery are actually the third version. The first was pr0n, and I simply did not have the skills to pull it off. It was awful.

Eighty-eight... I'm not sure I remember how I came up with her... I know she's the first one I made that wasn't based on D&D.
DimensionWolf Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009
Interesting, It was cool knowing where Angie's name came from, as well as how she first started off as a character.

...Eden is emo....*facepalm*
SilkenWinds Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
It's really cool to read up on your characters and how they've changed. But you shouldn't be so hard on yourself the "old school" stuff was really cool, I certainly enjoyed it. :aww:

But I love the names and the ideas, very creative. Out of all these characters I still think I like Angie the best!
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September 7, 2009