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Drawing Commissions Closed for Now!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 1:53 PM

A few people have asked so I figured I may as well make a journal about it. My career is keeping me pretty busy so my only available drawing time I've been devoting to stuff I want to work on. Things are really starting to pick up, I've finally gotten my first big time gig thanks to the very awesome James Stokoe. I'm doing flats for his Godzilla series for IDW, you can see the awesomeness at… You should all pick it up in August! All the lovely lines, rendering and colors you see present there are James', I'm just on flats. He's an all around amazing dude for giving me this opportunity.

So until I say otherwise, I won't be doing any drawn commissions. If you want to hit me up about color work I can still do that! Just I want my rare drawing time to be devoted to personal projects.

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April 22, 2012