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I'm currently in waiting on pages limbo on all my current jobs, meaning I'm working on several books right now but I'm waiting on pencilers/inkers to finish and send them to me. Because I can't work on anything yet I can't get money so I need some coloring jobs on the side to keep me afloat until I start receiving pages. Since a doctor bill+car insurance are added onto my monthly bills this month I really need the money.

So here's where you come in! You want to hire someone to color something? Hire me! I currently cannot sign on for any long term projects like a multiple page book but I am open to coloring a single comic page, pinups, etc.

My rates are pretty open, if you are interested send me a note with a link to the image you want colored and what you're willing to pay, if I feel that rate is fair we'll go from there. I will warn you that images with backgrounds, multiple characters or a whole comic page are going to be pretty high just due to the amount of work it takes, but I'm very flexible with single character images without bgs.

I will color almost *anything* as long as you can provide me with a clean 300 DPI scan.
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Submitted on
November 10, 2010